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Hi! I'm AJ, an independent media producer dedicated to the creation of inspirational content. This website is the hub of that content. I am street funded, which means I make ends meet by playing music in the streets, and selling CD's / DVD's to interested people. Follow my journey on Facebook!

I believe in music. I'm currently on another busking mission... I've got a new instrument to try this time too!

Here's a clip from Rotoiti.

So I've finally finished the editing of my third feature length independent movie. Huge mission, please check it out and share it!

It is a collection of thoughts and comments from "Luminate Festival" over three years, with epic soundtracking from myself, Beats Antique, Adham Shaikh, Jamie Janover, Carmen Salvador, and more...

"Seeds of Light"

Here's the second, an epic adventure into remote areas of the South Pacific, playing drums, collecting tribal samples, and exploring life, music, and culture with some of the most natural people on the planet. Check it out and share the gems!

"Island Styles"

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Another project...

New Video about Vegie oil powered mission in oz...

New song from Dave - Gnibi:

New track from "Humungus Chillaxification" album, featuring vocals by Courtney and Dyani:

New Album:

Recently returned from another south island excursion, and a look into the recovery of Christchurch. Here's a clip from the travels... more to come...

Here's some alternitive ideas on human waste management...

The "island-styles" movie is totally uploaded now, in roughly 10 minute chunks... It's hosted at youtube, so you can send links, embed, download, as you like.

This is one of the fruits from my time at the Bali Spirit Festival...

Also chipping away with other more local projects, and developing the online diskography at bandcamp... links and players below - each player representing a full album. check it out fully at evolvingrhythms.bandcamp.com


New movie available for download soon...

Here's two previews to it. Please share!

My first film, "Deeper Inspirations"

All of the content on this website is free. It is a preview of the work I have done which is available. To receive full quality CD's or DVD's please contact me. It's a great way to support this work and cut out industry middle men. It is also possible to directly support the work by making a donation. Any donation of $20 or more will recieve a CD of my latest works in progress. All donations go towards funding the process of creating more audio / video content. The next major project is Evolving Rhythms Central America!

Thanks and blessings.

AJ Hickling aka Diwata